Casino Daddy Net Worth 2022: How much money does Casino Daddy make?

Casino Daddy Net Worth

What is Casino Daddy’s net worth?

If you have ever found yourself wondering how much Casino Daddy’s net worth is, you’re not alone. Online twitch streamers are a dime a dozen these days. There are new players popping each up each day and it makes you wonder exactly how much money is in the business. Even in the sea of online gamers who stream, more than a few stand out. Among those outstanding players is Casino Daddy, an online twitch stream channel who according to their website, knows all the ins and outs of online gambling.

2022 Net worth estimate €4.5mil – €5.5mil

Many gaming enthusiasts are aware these twitch streamers earn quite a bit. Not just from streaming but other platforms too. Those who have been in the game for several years have even more means of making money at their fingertips. So today we are going to be breaking down what Casino Daddy net worth is and how they make their money. They are incredibly versatile players who not only stream but share helpful gambling advice. This has endeared them to many people and so they have earned a large following.

Who is Casino Daddy?

Casino daddy is a steaming channel run by three people – Karl Anton, Mathias, and Erik Joelsson. These young guys are brothers of Swedish descent and have been gaming for several years. They started out as affiliates for poker games from as far back as 2007. This means although they’re young, they have some good experience with online gambling. These Swedish gamers are very dedicated to their work and they tend to stream basically every day. They are among the top streamers on both YouTube and Twitch and have made quite a name for themselves. They play a number of games during their streams which vary from slots to games like Caribbean stud and blackjack.

Casino Daddy Net Worth

The three brothers play for long hours on their various streaming platforms. They offer advice on casinos and games to try, entertainment, answer questions, and generally share their strategies for winning with their fans. They often go from relaxed and playful to quite heated as the stakes keep rising. They’re incredibly fun to watch and they promote a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for gaming.  They also provide a safe space for people to interact with each other and bond. The Casino Daddy channel is more like a very big family that happens to all enjoy online gambling.

The three brothers created their online gambling channel over three years ago and it’s been growing since then. They grew so fast to become the largest and number one online streaming channel in the world in a few years. They always conduct giveaways and are very active with charities as a means of giving back. Many people love them for this because not a lot of streamers take time out to appreciate the people who have uplifted them.

How does Casino Daddy make money?

To understand Casino Daddy net worth, you need to first understand how they make money. Since they have a YouTube channel, we know that some of their income comes from there. YouTube rewards its creators with money for the views they get. A massive channel like Casino Daddy gets millions of views on each post so they make money from there.

Another major way Casino Daddy makes money is by affiliate links. They partner up with reputable online casinos and offer their viewers bonuses and welcome packages. When a viewer signs up to the online casino user Casino Daddy’s link, the team gets a fee. Another way they make money from casinos is that the Casino will give them bonuses. They’ll then use this bonus to play and if they win, they get to keep the winnings while marketing the casino to their viewers.

Twitch allows its users to make donations to their favorite channels. This is one of the ways Casino daddy makes money. Their thousands of fans and supporters make a lot of donations that contribute towards growing their net worth. They also benefit from fixed fees and have other day jobs in addition to their two companies.

They are quite transparent about the way they make their money. Casino Daddy has also conducted numerous interviews where they disclose the many ways that the team makes its own money.

Do they lose money?

Just as with everything in the world, there are ugly sides to casino games streaming. To make big wins often times the team has to make big bets. These bets don’t always come through so they lose the money. For as much money as the boys have made streaming, they have lost even more. These online games tend to rely on luck majorly with strategies and skills always helping. The boys may be very successful, but they still tend to take major losses that run into thousands of euros. People tend to think successful streamers never lose and it’s always rosy for them but this is hardly the case. They are human like you and me and they make mistakes too.

An estimate on Casino Daddy’s net worth

If you’ve gotten to this stage of the article, then we are ready to share what you have been waiting for. We are ready to tell you just how much Casino Daddy net worth is. We will be providing the net worth of the channel and not just the brothers.

It can be quite hard to say exactly how much the boys are worth. That’s private information for them and they might have concerns sharing that with the world. However, we can make some guesses based on the views and the number of online casinos they promote. According to the casino daddy YouTube channel is worth about $250,000. The brothers also have two media companies that help them manage their finances and other work activities. By 2019, the combined net worth of Casino Daddy from their company alone was a whopping

$4, 416, 793!!

Since they many other sources of income and it’s a new financial year, we estimate the brothers to be worth a lot more than $4.4 million now.

Is Casino Daddy legit?

Don’t be deterred by what you see online. There are a lot of people who claim the team plays with fake money. This is simply not true because they are 100% legit as you can see if you watch them play. The reason they make so much money is that they spend more than half of their online playing for hours and hours. In addition to this, they stew highly skillful and make more wins than losses.


There are tons of gamers marking real money from twitch and other platforms. You may often find yourself wondering what their net worth is and with some research, you can find out. We hope we have given a stellar breakdown of what Casino Daddy net worth is in this post and answered all your questions.

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