How Much Money Are Casino Streamers Making?

How much money make casino streamers

If you’re a veteran at betting then you’ve probably already heard of Casino streamers most especially casino Twitch streamers and if you’re a newbie then you need to know about them as well. There’s a lot of talk among casino gamers on how twitch streamers h make huge amounts of money when they bet and play their favorites games live while we watch.  We decided to dive in and give you all the details on Twitch streaming so that you too can start making bank if you decide the platform is for you.

So, sit back and grab a drink because we’ve outlined all you need to know about casino twitch streamers and how to get started with streaming.


What exactly is casino twitch streaming?

Well, although it may be still be considered niche, Twitch streaming was been a household name for most online casino games players and video gamers. Basically, Twitch is a popular platform that allows people to watch gamers play online live, just as the name suggests. Viewers can even chat, post comments and interact with each other while watching the games and share in the thrill of the players winning. Thanks to wonders of AI, lots of casino players can use Twitch to stream their games online whether it’s a game of poker, blackjack, sodapoppin or whatever. These channels are a big hit with people who want to learn tips and tricks of betting so they can get better at these games by watching some experts and popular streamers do their thing. You can follow a bunch of popular channels for free but you only get basic content with that. With a subscription, you can get access to chatting with the players and other exclusive content! If you consider yourself a casino games god, you might want to look into this as an extra source of income doing what you love because Twitch splits the subscription fee half and a half between the players and themselves.

A subscription costs about $5 and if for example, you have about a thousand subscriptions, that’s $2,500 dollars in your pocket from simply playing your favorite games or placing a bet while people watch. You can also make money from other features on the platform like donations and bits.

So whether you’re interested in watching streamers bet and win or you want to start streaming yourself, Twitch is a pretty great place to do that.

How much money are casino streamers they making?

Some of the biggest streamers like  Roshtein, LetsGiveItASpin, RocknRolla and NickSlots who have over 10,000 subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views on their videos can rake in up to a million dollars a year from fansCasino Live Streaming Fake watching them play casino, subscribing to their channels and donating to them as well as affiliate links. Lots of former professional poker players now play twitch poker and blackjack online to share their skills with the world, experience the thrills of winning and make some cool cash. Some online casinos even stream the key moments of someone hitting the jackpot or videos of players deep in concentration live for their fans to see. That’s to say, you can watch a whole casino in action too.

Are casino streamers fake?

Here’s the thing, it’s okay to be skeptical,  after all, how can one person make all this money from simply live-streaming their gameplay? Some viewers doubt if the games being streamed are actually real and whether or not it’s fake money they see on their screen. Some viewers believe streamers play with fake money but there are strict rules about these things and players cannot risk being banned from Twitch and the casinos so basically, all the players play with their own money. Another common misconception about Twitch streamers is that the casinos change the Return To Player for the streamers however this is also not true. The providers set the RTPs and the casinos cannot risk losing their licenses based on something as small as getting more views and followers.

Players are also able to stream for long periods because they get paid for referrals and you can’t exactly have a stellar referral list from your affiliate links if you hardly play any games. The question of why the streamers also hardly ever lose comes up among skeptics often but then again If you were a streamer you wouldn’t exactly post videos of yourself losing, would you?

A word of caution

After learning all this great stuff about streaming on Twitch and working with AI to make more money, it’s understandable that you want to take off and start streaming immediately as you place big bets. However we must warn you that gambling can be highly addictive, the thrill of winning sucks you in easily so only place bets with money you can afford to lose because most of the time you will. Follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest streamers and place only small bets so you don’t wind up running yourself into debt.


There it is! A brief guide into Casino Twitch streaming and how to make money doing it. It’s 100% real so you don’t have to worry about the games being fake. We hope this post has been educational as well as informative enough for you. To get started, all you need to do is signup on Twitch and start playing. You may not see any profits from the first few games you play but the key is to stay consistent and put in the time and who knows? With time you may get sponsored by an online casino thanks to your god tier skills. if you are looking for additional casino deals you can check out CasinoDeals24 for our german visitors!


Let’s Discuss!

What do you think about casino streamers? are they real? how much money do they make? Let us know in the comments below!

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