KNOSSI’s Net Worth: How much money does The Real Knossi make?

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What Is Knossi’s Net Worth?

Do you ever find yourself wondering exactly how much your favorite streamers and YouTube content creators make? They dedicate a lot of their time to creating educative and informative content for their followers so it is only natural that they are able to make some money from it. [bg_collapse view=”link” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”Show More” collapse_text=”Show Less” ] However, a lot of them make money from other sources besides streaming and other entertainment-related businesses as well thanks to their popularity. Their unmatched skill at playing online casinos games and sharing tips also helps. One of such highly successful streamers and entertainers is Jens Knossalla popular known as “The Real Knossi” or just “Knossi” today we are finding out knossi net worth



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2020 Net worth estimate: €1.5mil – €2.5mil

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Who is Knossi?

Jens Knossalla aka Knossi is a popular and very successful twitch casino streamer and Tv host. He is originally from Germany and he rose to fame by featuring on the German show  “PokerStars sucht das PokerAss“. He started out strictly as a poker player but has also gone into hosting shows like being a commentator on German EPT live-streams. With more than 250,000 follows and millions of views, he is among the top streamers on twitch poker. Due to his success, lots of people tend to wonder what Knossi’s net worth is.

Knossi also has a YouTube channel where videos of some of his most successful games are uploaded and watched. We all know creating YouTube videos is a popular source of income for many content creators and Knossi is no exception. He has recently crossed over 10k followers on this platform which contributes meaningfully to his sources of income. He is quite open about his life, even talking to his wife while he streams. Recently he made headlines for receiving fan mail that was quite a stinker and still handling it all like a professional.

How he makes his money

In addition to being a commentator on several successful shows, Knossi has quite the following on his streaming platforms. With ten thousand followers on his YouTube channel and two hundred and fifty thousand on Twitch, quite a bit of money comes in from views. The combined views on both channels surely raked in thousands of dollars for this self-proclaimed “King” of Twitch.

Most popular streamers on twitch are approached by a number of online casinos to play for them as affiliates. When these players stream for a particular online casino and drop their links, they earn some more. Those of their followers who use that link also earn them some more money because the casino splits the gains made from their game with the affiliate. This is a great way for most streamers to add to their income as well, additionally, it also boosts Knossi’s net worth as well. In addition to affiliate, Knossi makes money through donations and other extra funding options available to streamers on twitch.

Popular faces and voices are used for advertisements, memes and their content is sometimes purchased as well. Many media companies use the hype they attract to market their channels. In addition, there is Knossi merch available for purchase including T-shirts, Hoodies, and so on. All of this contributes to Knossi Net worth and how much he makes in a year.

So how much is Knossi really worth?

As transparent as Jens “Knossi” Knossalla is about most things in his life, we cannot exactly say how much knossi’s net worth is. This is a common occurrence with a lot of streamers and entertainers. Not only because of security reasons but because they have so many sources of income. These sources generate different amounts at various times which can amount to different incomes. While his finances keep growing every day from YouTube, Twitch and other avenues, they tend to change with each fiscal year. Knossi Net worth Casino kasino

From his YouTube channel alone, Knossi makes $2.56k- $41.3k every month according to A site that gives estimates of the channel worth of popular streamers and YouTube content creators. Now combined with his other money-making ventures like his merchandise and donations from twitch. Plus his appearances as a TV host and commentator, we can say that Knossi brings in a healthy amount of money each month. All of his earnings should amount to close to a million dollars add to Knossi’s net worth each year if not more.

Does Knossi ever lose money?

Well, it would be hard not to lose money in the world of online gambling. Unless you are some sort of magician, you are bound to make loses every now and then. For most high stakes streamers who tend to bet with high amounts, they also make high stakes losses as well. It is not always a bed of Roses filled with constant and continuous wins for these gamers. The upside is this. For as many loses as they take, sometimes running into thousands of dollars, they also make a significant amount of money. So, do not worry if you are always making loses, you are no different from the big shots in that area. The important thing is not to let it affect you so much. Rather after a losing streak, instead of continuing to play and potentially losing more. What most players do is to take a break and then regroup before they start again with a fresh strategy.


There are usually suspicions about whether or not a lot of streamers are genuine because of how much money they make. While these suspicions may be valid in some cases, it does not mean they are no genuine ones out there. While we cannot say exactly how much they make down to the very dollar, we know that they make thousands of dollars doing what they love.

A lot of them have several sources of income in addition to streaming. There are the benefits they get from being affiliated with certain casinos like bonuses they use to play more games. A lot of people are interested in becoming as successful as Knossi is and growing their finances to rival Knossi net worth in a short time. The truth is, it takes a lot of work to attain such levels of success. As long as you are willing to take on all the hard work that comes with it, even you can become a successful and high net worth streamer.

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