ROSHTEIN’s Net Worth: How much money does Roshtein make?

Roshtein net Worth 2022

Roshtein is a famous Twitch streamer who broadcasts his online casino games live as he plays. Many top players enjoy streaming their gameplay as a form of entertainment, providing content for their platform and a great source of income to boot. Twitch allows players to live stream their games to viewers, many of whom pay a fee to subscribe to the player’s channel. Those subscriptions are split between the player and Twitch. But is Roshtein making money in this way? Who is Roshtein? What is Roshtein’s net worth?

Roshtein Net Worth 2022

What is Roshtein’s net worth 2022?

Roshtein Net Worth is around €60mil – €80mil. How we got to this number we tell you everything about it later in this article. Roshtein is a Swedish Twitch casino streamer who is very successful at what he does. That success causes a lot of people to wonder exactly how much does Roshtein earn from Twitch and what is his net worth? In addition to this, Roshtein generates an income from being a professional online casino games streamer. What is all of that worth? Well, before we dive into discussing Roshtein’s net worth, let’s take a glimpse at who the man is. Roshtein also has a right hand called Deuce Ace who also streams slots in the same way. You can check out Deuce Ace Net Worth here.

Who is Roshtein?

According to his website, Roshtein describes himself as a “Casino philosopher with an incredible technique”. He’s also a fantastic showman, producing videos and live streams that are full of laughs and more than enough on-screen slot-based drama to keep anyone with a taste for casinos well entertained. As we mentioned earlier, he is a Swedish online casino games player who regularly streams his games on Twitch. Roshtein likes to keep his real name close to his chest. Because of this, no one really knows his personal details are kept confidential. Given the huge sums of money Roshtein plays with online, it makes complete sense to be concerned with keeping his profile somewhat masked to avoid being an attractive cybercrime target. Thats why a lot of people want to know Roshtein Net Worth In addition to security reasons and privacy through anonymity, it adds an air of mystery to the player.

When did Roshtein start streaming?

Roshtein began streaming in 2015, and by the end of 2017, he had around 30,000 followers, with an average viewership of just below 1000. His numbers are a genuinely good example of how to “do Twitch”. His streamed hours have grown steadily, thanks to a good work ethic that results in a reliable streaming program. Over time, Roshtein has amassed 812,000 followers, almost 10,000 hours streamed and over a million hours of watched time. His current average viewers per video sit at close to 20,000 concurrent viewers.

Who Is Roshtein?

Does Roshtein offer affiliate links?

He plays at a number of casinos, many of which have provided him with affiliate links. If you are unfamiliar with what an affiliate link is, let us enlighten you. Affiliates receive a payment in exchange for having people follow the links that he posts periodically. These links have no effect upon new players who sign up, but Roshtein receives a perfectly legitimate kickback. Affiliate schemes are big business and are everywhere on the internet. Even Amazon has an affiliate scheme. By offering his affiliate links to viewers when he plays at or talks about certain casinos, Roshtein earns additional income, which we cover below. However, there’s a twist – we’ll cover that below. This is one of the reasons Roshtein Net Worth is so much

In addition to Twitch, you’ll find Roshtein’s videos on YouTube, offering him another opportunity to earn from those who missed him play live.

How does he make his money?

Roshtein is often referred to as the most popular Twitch slots streamer, and for a good reason too. Roshtein bets big. $300 bets per spin are common to see, which is often more than the amount the average follower would be happy to win but would never risk. Big bets result in exciting-sounding pay-outs. Want to see someone win $100,000 from the casino? Roshtein is the guy to make that happen. Of course, the house is usually set to win, simply based on statistics, so how does Roshtein make money rather than lose it? 

For a start, Roshtein often receives up to 400% bonuses. These are not always exclusive, but the amount he is able to deposit (and therefore receive 400% of casino money) is considerably higher than the average player. Put simply, Roshtein is a high roller but also a profitable affiliate for his partnered casinos. With his high average viewership, his ability to generate affiliate income has been enormous. Whenever he streams, people love to see him play. It also helps that he is an entertainer, so it’s not dull watching him play. This also allows him to attract more viewers that keeps growing his audience every day. 

How does roshtein make money


Is Roshtein a Twitch partner?

Surprisingly, Roshtein does not have a partnership with Twitch at the moment, so he claims he doesn’t make any money directly through Twitch. Indeed, the ability to donate bits, the Twitch form of currency, is disabled for Roshtein’s chat, and you cannot subscribe.

In fact, it turns out that Twitch recently made sweeping changes to their rules on gambling-related links, banning the sharing of casino (and other gambling) related links in an effort to protect their viewers from questionable gambling services. This came into effect as of mid-August 2021 and resulted in a ban from Twitch the following day. Thankfully the ban didn’t last long, and just 16 hours later, Roshtein was online, tweeting, “Regarding the ban, it was apparently a mistake – and it’s cool, I needed the sleep. Thank you @TwitchSupport.” 

Two strange things happened shortly after that ban. Roshtein lost an average of around 5,000 concurrent viewers per stream, but his total followers, which had always climbed steadily, suddenly rose rapidly. Perhaps this was a side effect of other gambling-related streamers deleting from Twitch now that they could no longer share affiliate links.

How does Roshtein share his affiliate links to increase his net worth?

Given that Roshtein is not using bits and subs to gain money from Twitch, healthy growth in followers can only mean that over time he will continue to make money from affiliate links that are available from his own website, Promoting his own website does not violate the Twitch terms and conditions and gives Roshtein a handy place to assemble all of the links for his followers, who he calls “The Troops.”

Everyone knows how affiliate marketers profit from their referral links and codes. Given the number of followers he command, you can only imagine how many of them use his affiliate link to sign up at casinos. This contributes immensely to his income as well because when a casino makes money off players, he also gets a cut from it. He makes some pretty big wins, even making up to 50k in a week, which is huge for even the most successful players. This is why Roshtein Net Worth is so big for a twitch streamer

In addition to his affiliate links and big wins, Roshtein also copies his ready-made videos from Twitch to YouTube, earning himself a current monthly income from viewers there. estimate that Roshtein makes between £1.6 to 25.5k per year. Picking a medium point there, Roshtein tucks away another £11.9k (Around $16k) per year from videos he had just lying around.

Does he lose money?

The slot machines Roshtein uses are the same ones you or I might use, so sometimes he wins, sometimes he loses. Like most things in life, there are ups and downs when it comes to Twitch live streaming. Even a highly successful streamer like Roshtein, who has been playing for years, still makes losses occasionally. We have witnessed him sometimes losing as much as 40,000 in a week which is undoubtedly a hard blow for anyone’s finances to take. It is not always rosy for these streamers and affiliate gamers. While any casino streamer would prefer to walk away with a win, sometimes even Roshtein has to cut some losses and walk away. In a way, this makes players like Roshtein more relatable to regular players as it shows they are not gods. At the end of the day, they are just online casino gamers like you but playing for significantly higher stakes.

An estimate on Roshtein net worth

Now to the part you have all been patiently waiting for. What exactly is Roshtein’s net worth? How much financial value has he been able to add to himself since he began live streaming? It’s hard to say precisely how much he is worth. Most streamers do not make their records public for many justifiable reasons. Our estimations are based on his number of streams, the average number of people watching, the known affiliate bonus schemes and his subsequent earnings, and so on. Although, like most high-profile player’s, Roshteins net worth is shrouded in mystery, there are sites dedicated primarily to making estimates of social media and streamer incomes. Most of the time, they are usually lower than their actual earnings as they hardly represent the current financial year. According to, Roshtein made around $16k this year from YouTube alone. We are left to imagine how much he makes from Twitch and his affiliate earnings, along with his actual winnings. While we can’t say exactly what he earns, a few wise estimates and some back of the envelope calculations lead us to believe that with everything added-up, Roshtein’s Net Worth is more than 100 Million Dollars.

Has Roshtein lost money since the Twitch change?

Roshtein continues to stream daily on Twitch, maintaining that dedication to being one of the biggest Twitch streamers out there. However, the August ban on affiliate links coincides with a sudden reactivation of Roshtein’s YouTube account, which until that point had only a couple of videos on it. Now he is posting one or two new videos every day. Remember that estimate of $16K earnings from a year on YouTube? The thing is, he has only been posting regular content since August. Therefore, it looks likely that after a full 12 months have passed, we can expect to see Roshtein taking home $96,000 from YouTube income alone. So this has affected Roshtein net worth in some kind of way

It’s perfectly possible that Roshtein will have lost income from being unable to promote affiliate links to his viewers directly. Still, he has branched out and found himself an alternative revenue stream that is good enough that he may be kicking himself for not posting all his content there over the last 6+ years that he has been streaming.  

Is Roshtein fake?

This question comes up a lot in the gaming community about all streaming casino gamers, not just Roshtein. For Roshtein, though, this question is often seen quite pointedly in his chats due to the large deposit sizes

Roshtein Net Worth and Earnings

 and the high stake risks of his bets. He commonly plays with stake sizes more than £50, even going up to as much as £300 per spin, burning through thousands of dollars in seconds. These amounts seem unbelievable and unobtainable to lots of the gamers that follow along in the chat channel

It may seem like he is playing with demos or fake money, but he is generally transparent about his deposits and even addresses controversial questions, which counts in his favour, evidence that he has nothing to hide.

Does Roshtein have deals with casinos?

However, there is a darker side to Twitch casino streamers. Unlike the players that follow along with their favourite streamers, some Twitch casino streamers have been caught out simply being able to ask for their account to be topped up by their affiliate relationship managers. 

For the rest of us, a loss is a loss, something that we may well feel regret about afterwards. Many casinos, such as Roobet, offer the opportunity for their streaming affiliates to play with the house money simply. Not quite a fake account. The bets are real, and the player may even be allowed to keep any winnings. Most of the time, the streamer will lose some or all of the house money. Not to worry, they can quietly top up and carry on regardless, while the rest of us lose. 

Are there rules to keep streamers honest?

There are strict laws that Twitch casinos operate under. Breaking these laws can make them lose their licenses. In theory, this prevents streamers from having any relationship closer than that of affiliates. Breaking this rule can result in bans for the streaming channels and FTC involvement for the casino and streamer, which isn’t worth any number of signups obtained through their affiliates, not even one as important as Roshtein. 

To be clear, there is no evidence that Roshtein has had any involvement in this sort of thing. He always attempts to be clear and open about his deposits and withdrawals, falling just shy of showing his actual bank account statements. Roshtein does tend to hang out at Roobet a lot, which should be food for thought. 

Roshtein would risk ending up incarcerated if he were to be caught playing with fake money and participating in false advertising. Is that a risk he’d be willing to take? We doubt it.


A lot of Twitch live steamers make good money off streaming their games. Although casino-related streamers can no longer directly share affiliate links, they can still do so in their discord communities, direct websites, and other locations. The exact amount of money that any streamers make is likely to remain a secret known only to them. While we all know that our favorite streamers do it for the money (even if they have a great time doing it), thinking someone might be making lots of money versus knowing that they are rich creates very different feelings towards those individuals. By keeping themselves as seemingly approachable, friendly people on the average person’s level, they continue to gain followers, which in turn makes them even more money. Roshtein is the second biggest twitch streamer behind Trainwreckstv Net Worth.

There is no doubt that online streaming is a fiercely contested market that demands a lot of dedication to perfect. Streamers like Roshtein bring in revenue for casinos and get paid bonuses for doing so. You can aspire to become a top player if you are willing to put in the amount of hard work and determination required. 

Finally, it may interest you to know that you also stand to gain from watching Roshtein play. You automatically get points for watching him during his many streams if you have a Twitch account. You can then use these points to get prizes from his official website. If you want to read this post in german about Roshteins Vermögen you can check

What is Roshtein's real name?

The real name of Rostein is Ismael. His last name is still unknown. He does not answer this question a lot but on some real-life live streams where he doesn’t play slots he says his name to other people.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming platforming for gaming. But also other events can be live-streamed trough twitch, everybody can use twitch!

Why is his net worth that much?

Well, his net worth is estimated on everything he does in order to get income, but for the most part, he gets revenue from all the players that are depositing money with his affiliate links. That is a lot of people and he earns from them a trough lifetime!

How did Roshtein become big?

Roshtein was one of the first known slots players on Twitch. First of all, he did not have a lot of viewers, but since the industry got bigger and the community grew he got a lot more followers and viewers over the time past!

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